About Us

About Us

Janus CBD is one of Europe's most trusted, premium, CBD brands. Our quality, consistency, and attention to detail have led us to become one of the fastest-growing CBD brands on the continent. 100% natural CBD oils created by us to support a balanced life and overall well-being.

Janus CBD maintains two product lines, including Janus Organics, designed for consumers looking for a completely organic and full-spectrum experience, and Janus Zero, developed by athletes, for athletes, with zero THC to help athletes perform at their best.

Our mission

At Janus, our mission is simple. We believe in putting the consumer first. We believe in simple, authentic wellness solutions powered by CBD, sourced from only the highest quality European-grown hemp plants. It costs us more, but the results show.

We care about what we put into our bodies, and we know you do too. It is that notion that inspired us to create Janus Organics and Janus Zero. Launching with tinctures, capsules, bath bombs, and various strengths, we make high quality, premium, incredible tasting, and highly effective CBD products accessible to all.


Our products

Our team has traveled the world and visited farmers with a rich history of hemp cultivation to source only the highest quality materials. These findings have led us to develop our curated line of Janus Organics and Janus Zero CBD products. With a focus on peak performance, those demanding the very best, Janus delivers across the entire spectrum from tinctures to capsules to bath bombs; we have it all! 


Our Promise

Your satisfaction. We've created Janus Organics and Janus Zero because we saw a lull in the market, a gap between the highest quality products, designed by people who understand CBD better than anyone. We love the products, use the products, and we feel better; all the time.

The wellness and wellbeing of our family, friends, and customers are of the utmost importance. We aim to ensure your happiness and absolute satisfaction is guaranteed, with a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee available on all products. Try us! Risk-free.


Our Testing

We are proud to offer products that are tested exclusively by third-party labs to ensure premium, safe, and consistency across the board. The data and test results are not hidden away in 15 steps; they're proudly displayed and readily available under each product description. 


Our team

Look, let’s face it, there are hundreds of CBD companies in Europe, thousands in the United States, and plenty of options to buy CBD online. The difference is us; the founders, the employees, and the team that make up this incredible Company.

We are believers, we are advocates, and we are consumers! As passionate CBD enthusiasts, we’ve tried all the products, we test everything ourselves, and we make sure everything's up to our standards. We want consumers to feel at home with us; we want you to come back, visit us again, come here to learn, to educate, and most importantly, to feel your best, it’s what we believe in. It’s what we want to spread to the world: better health, better life, fewer prescription drugs, more wellness and more wellbeing. We’re a family, and we hope that comes across on our site – where the research, product testing, and quality are all verified for you. Try us out, we’re here to help!

Danny Brody and Wolf Heller founded Janus CBD. Danny, who discovered the benefits of CBD firsthand while financing cannabis and CBD companies in North America, now swears by the products and uses them daily. They've changed his life for the better from helping him sleep better to recover quicker and to reducing his day-to-day stresses of business. His companies have helped thousands of people feel better across Canada and the United States, but not yet in the UK or Europe. He wanted to take that knowledge, skillset, and passion that he had developed over the years and bring it to the European market. The goal was to build not only a company but a CBD experience that offered the best products with a second-to-none customer experience. 

Wolf Heller, who recently moved from Germany to Portugal to enjoy a quieter life, was always sore from a career spent kiteboarding. Through constant thrashings on the ocean, he became sore, and, living a natural life, opted against the traditional pain medications. Insert CBD. He was blown away by the power of this tiny cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant and wanted to spread what he had discovered to the world. Having spent his career marketing for fortune 500 companies like Levis and RayBan, he knew exactly what it would take to create a successful CBD brand. He had met a cannabis and CBD financier named Danny back in 2016 while traveling, and sure enough, Danny was interested. A few planning sessions later, initial seed capital raised, and Janus CBD was born.